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Just a few of us, have seen something that most have not, The Tea Party is around a $100 Million Dollar per year system. But only a few of us have the inside contacts to make it happen, Like this site here,, they wish to  grow to have more people join up and to buy.

 This $7 Million to $10 Million Dollar per month Tea party System, only a few have tapped into the system. So now, as I create the Independent Forum for my 50 State wide links, people only see the Idaho Tea Party Independent Forum, and not all that I have created on the net….like this site here;



I would say, some where around 151 sites will be up and running by my hand and if anyone wishes to become involved, or invest in the Tea Party Independent Forum, I will share a on  insider goal that is good, and the price is right….

contact us at…

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Welcome to the, Alabama Tea Party Independent Forum

  It is our hopes to share, and also a goal at hand. This Independent Forum is not run by any Government Official. It is being built by just a guy who is a painter. I paint houses for a living. And I struggle every day to just stay on top and keep my hopes that I may catch up back bills.

  There will be a 50 State list in and for the Independent Forum. A forum where Democrats, Republicans and Independents can find a site that offers a concepts that most fear to put forward.

  The Tea Party Independent Forum, is protected by Constitutional Law, under the Independent Voting Floor.

  Its a simple way to say, that We As A people are concerned where our Country, Economy, and lives are headed. Government Officials seem, to not to hear the voices of the people. What I would offer, that I would ask, when that Person does step forward as the first Tea Party President Of The United States of America, research them, see if they have done as they said they did, a matter a fact research any one who now runs for any Office.

  The Main Based Web Site for the Tea Party Independent Forum link is:


  On 2/14/2013 The Tea Party Independent Forum’s Group Pages will go on line. Join your States Group at this site. Consider this a human interest event, through 2013 to 2016.


Henry Massingale

Founder of the Tea Party Independent Forum

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